Java Adventure Company is a social entrepreneurship. We aren’t in business just to make money. Rather, we believe that business should provide benefit to the broader community, not just its owners and employees

Of course, we hope that on one of our adventure tours customers have a thrill of a lifetime that they can share with loved ones.

However, we desire that our impact as a business in Bandung, West Java goes much broader. Here are our values and commitments that we are making as a business:


Excellent Customer Service

At the core of this value, we see the Imago Dei in every person on earth. Therefore, in every human interaction we have, we desire to seek the wellness of the other person. You’re not just a customer to us. You are family. We will do all that we can to provide you with an experience that isn’t just fun, but makes you feel valued and cherished.

Exclusive Experiences

We want to take you on a journey that tells the story of Indonesia. For example, on our Cross Country Helipad Tour, your journey starts and ends at the top of a mountain with 360 degree views. You drive down through a kampung where normally kids and onlookers greet you with a giant smile. Next you go through an enchanting forest and over a river. You ride up a hill then make your way through seemingly endless orange groves and farms. Finally, you reach a helipad with some of the most spectacular views West Java has to offer. For us, it’s not just about an ATV ride, but an experiential journey through the different landscapes of Bandung.


Community Development

We desire to be part of a community which gathers together to take action and finds solutions to common problems. We seek to learn about the problems people in Bandung face everyday: hunger, joblessness, pollution, and sustainability, to name a few. Through volunteerism, a social-cultural exchange program we’re planning, educating our customers and employees, and job training, we want to be part of the solution in Bandung. We’ve already committed to creating jobs for our dear friends at Free and Safe Indonesia, a safe house for young men transitioning out of prison and into productive adult life.

Creation Care

How is it that an ATV tourism company seeks to take care of the earth? Everything we do includes special planning and sustainable resourcing in order to provide you with the best experience of nature without actually disturbing it. Moreover, we are constantly searching for new technology with our vehicles and hope to one day use zero-emissions vehicles. We believe in the Leave No Trace principles and encourage our customers to pick up trash even if it’s not theirs. We volunteer and partner with reforestation efforts in Indonesia as well.


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